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Calgary Real Estate Blogs for buyers. If you're thinking about buying a home in Calgary, this real estate buyer blog list will help you navigate buying your home and provide the best steps and information to help you explore the best experience in the Calgary real estate market. 

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Finding the right neighbourhood to move to requires a lot of thought other than just about the house or apartment. Homebuyers need to look at the cities in Calgary and think long-term. What will your needs be in five years?

There are the usual amenities one considers, such as proximity to green spaces and essential services. If you're planning on having children (or have younglings already), you need to ensure you have access to services for them as well, like daycares and post-secondary options. 

There are multiple cities in Alberta that will appeal to your tastes and needs, including Calgary. If you decide that it’s time to start exploring the available Calgary houses for sale, you should note that it's divided into quadrants:

  • Northwest

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Thinking of buying a new home in Chestermere? Our latest blog covers some of the show home locations and builders featured throughout the new developments in the town of Chestermere and...

Why you should use a REALTOR® when you are buying a new home in Chestermere 

First things first, one of the biggest benefits to living in Chestermere is...

Lifestyle & Recreation

Whether it's a fun winter activity like ice skating, or a highly popular summer activity like boating, Chestermere Lake is the best hotspot for residents in the town. Chestermere Lake is over 650 acres, and is a man made reservoir that essentially splits the town running from south to north. Chestermere features a couple beaches / public waterfront spots that provide residents of

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If you're a dreamer, an HGTV'er, a DIY'er, or you rock a popping Pinterest board, chances are you have thought about owning an older character home, possible one that needs work, where you can roll up your sleeves and dive deep into a transformative renovation on a  charming old space.

 What to Do When You are Searching for an Older Home in Calgary?

older construction homes in Calgary

First off, if you're looking for an older home in Calgary, you're going to begin your search through homes for sale located in the inner city of Calgary. Many of these original homes have architectural influences from before the 1900's' through the 20' 30's 40's and throughout the 60's, 70's, etc. In the inner city community of Sunnyside you can find homes built before 1910! Moving a bit further out

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As homeowners, it can often be difficult to proactively identify issues with certain core components of your home, from plumbing to electrical, it's easy to overlook many issues and often they're only discovered once there's been a major issue.


Calgary Plumbing Issues

Identify the plumbing in your home!

Pex Pipe

Is the newest and most popular plumbing piping to hit the market. This type of pipe is durable, able to withstand high pressure water supplies, but remains flexible enough to weave throughout walls, in ceilings, and through crawlspaces. 

Pros of Pex: 

Color coded options to signify hot and cold water lines (RED/BLUE) 

Highly Flexible 


Easy to Cut and work with

Very adaptable, can connect in to copper lines as well. 

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Buying residential real estate can be an adventure, and it is usually one of the most significant purchases a person can make in their lifetimes. 

This is true whether the building in question is a first home, an investment property, retirement real real estate, or any variety of the amazing houses for sale in Calgary. But finding the perfect house doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not always easy to find the perfect fit while still remaining within your budget.

However, even if you think you’ve found the perfect Calgary home, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to buy the property you want - particularly if you find yourself facing off against another investor in a bidding war. 

If you’re worried about finding yourself locked in

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So you're ready to make an offer to purchase a home in Calgary? Read below on our best tips and tricks to make your offer the strongest possible offer below! 

You’ve seen 1, 2, 3, or maybe hundreds of fronts doors in your search for your new home! Finally you've found the perfect home that checks all the boxes off on all of your must-haves. Now it is time to make a home offer to secure your the home, here are some tips by the Real Estate Partners team with RE/MAX FIRST to have a smooth transaction with the seller and to ensure that you are able to get your new home with a price and deal that is painless for both you and the seller. 

Writing offer in real estate calgary


The Basics Of Writing An Offer On A Home In Calgary

Once you've put an offer out to the seller, generally

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When it’s time to sell your Calgary home, there are a lot of choices you have to make. Most will revolve around taking steps that will achieve three fundamental goals. 

  1. Selling your home for the highest price possible

  2. Selling your home as quickly as possible

  3. Managing the process as painlessly as possible

Give us a call at 587-578-7653 for a free home evaluation or to obtain your free copy of our Visual Staging Guide! 

And while there are many ways you can achieve this real estate sale trifecta, one of the easiest and yet most important things you can do to sell quickly, painlessly and for the right price is to ensure that your home is staged and prepared correctly.. 

First impressions count for a lot, so when

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We sat down with some of the top professional cleaning companies in Calgary and asked them for their best recommendations and timelines on what Calgary home owners should be doing daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and in between when it comes to cleaning their homes! 

Our Quick Guide To Cleaning Your Home in Calgary!


No judgment here though if you're not making your bed or doing laundry daily! 

  • Make Bed

  • Clean Coffee Maker

  • Clean Dirty Dishes 

  • Wipe Down Benches

  • Do Laundry

  • Wipe Down Bathroom Surfaces

  • Wipe Down Shower Walls

  • Sanitize Bathroom Basin and Kitchen Sink

  • Clean Toilet

Visit this page to read about our best tips for home owners in the winter in

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 If you're thinking about buying a home, one of the first steps almost every buyer starts with, is getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Below are some of the many advantages of doing this key first step in your home buying journey.

Read Below For Our Guide On Where To Go For Mortgage Brokers In Calgary

  • This will move you one step closer to home ownership
  • You'll discover how much home you can afford. Allowing you to truly narrow and refine what homes you should be looking at.
  • Demonstrate your worthiness to sellers in your offer. Whether this be the removal of a condition, or the ability for your agent to leverage your purchase power in a situation where you're in multiple offers. 
  • Minimize or reduce waiver timelines within your
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Many of our Calgary home buyers often ask..  

Finished or unfinished basement in Calgary

Should I Buy a home in Calgary with a finished or unfinished basement? 

To begin this breakdown, we're going to look at some of the benefits of having a developed basement in Calgary and surrounding areas. 

Benefits of having a developed basement in Calgary

While the size of your basement will not be reflected on the MLS® in terms of displaying the properties square footage, due to measurement standards only reflecting floor area that is above grade, it still will reflect the total 'livable space' often seen in write ups and marketing of a property. Your 2,000 sq ft home could be advertised as "With 3,000 Sq Ft of developed living space" this provides value when you're entering the market to

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