Calgary Real Estate Training

Posted by Real Estate Partners REPYYC on Monday, June 24th, 2019 at 12:43am

Calgary Real Estate Training 

Unlike many of the top real estate training programs and coaches (who typically haven't been in front of a real buyer or seller for years/decades) our approach is real, practical, easy to understand, and current. There's no agenda behind what we're doing, we're not here to sell our services, take a cut of your profits, or get you paying a monthly subscription to maintain access, we're here to elevate real estate in Calgary. 

Check out our new visual intro for the REP EDucation series. 


We're not looking to limit or define this series in the early stages, and we'll definitely be keeping a keen eye on the feedback from viewers, however, our series won't be fitting for those who are looking for advice on how to get into the industry, how to pass exams, or whether or not being a real estate agent is the right fit, this is geared towards current agents (both new and old) who are looking to expand on their skills, offerings to clients, and to grow the real estate industry in Calgary as a whole. 

Before we sign off, we needed to say this... We want to hear from you! Whether you're a seasoned vet in the industry looking to collaborate and share your expertise, or an agent one year in the business looking for guidance on where to go next, we want to know what you want to see in the future, what topics do you want us to cover, whether it be what's the best software for your business problem, or what script would you use for client xyz I keep getting we want to hear from you! Stay tuned and subscribe to our Calgary Real Estate Youtube Channel  

We'll also be featuring industry experts including real estate lawyers, mortgage professionals, home inspectors, and platform partners that we work with. We're also very fortunate to be at one of the best brokerages in the entire world, they've even got some Re/Max award hardware to prove it! We will definitely have both Rick Campos, Cliff Stevenson (the current Vice President of CREA) and other members of our talented leadership team at the brokerage in our REP ED series. 

We're also very excited to announce that in under one year of being a real estate team in Calgary, we've cracked the Top 50 list for Re/Max Western Canada, an incredible feat we we're optimistic in obtaining, but are incredibly grateful for achieving this quickly, in large part to our incredibly talented mentors who helped us refine our skills in the industry, our amazing clients who continue to support and cheer us on with referrals and praise on social media and through reviews, and our talented team who consist of the hardest working real estate agents in the industry, working tirelessly to deliver and serve the best real estate experience in the industry. 

If you haven't checked us out in the past, hop on over to our Calgary Real Estate Facebook Page for new listings, news, events, and much more! 




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