Open Houses In Calgary

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Open Houses In Calgary

One of our biggest requests from clients who love to day browse new listings on the weekend, is finding an accurate list of upcoming Open houses that are scheduled and their specific times. Fortunately for our clients, we invested the time and resources to put together pages specifically for this need, broken down by each community in the city, you can start off by browsing this link here -> for all open houses in Calgary

Calgary Open Homes

Below you can see an example of our Oakridge Open Houses page, on this page, you’ll find all scheduled open houses available in the community of Oakridge, and from there you can also filter out based on price range, giving you further control of what’s available that’s in your price range. 

Open Houses in Calgary

Once you find a home that you’re interested in, click the property and view all the details of the home, from there you can see more pictures, complete public MLS listing information, and as seen below, the scheduled dates for the upcoming open houses - Please note, these times are set by other real estate agents in Calgary and are subject to change, for best results, please favourite these properties and check back on the day of the open house to ensure they’re still scheduled, but be aware that there could still be instances where an agent is unable to host an open house, a sure fire way to see any property is by utilizing our Calgary home showing hotline by calling 587- 578 -7653 where you can book private showings with a professional real estate advisor at no cost to you! 

Calgary Open Houses

In Calgary there are over 5,000 registered and licensed REALTORS throughout the city and surrounding areas, typically you’ll find that open houses are held between 12-2 or 2-4 on the weekends, but these times can change depending on the agent and their clients availability. 

Can’t find your open house online on our website? This means that your home isn’t listed on the MLS as an active open house and is not scheduled, you should reach out to your agent immediately and have them add the open house to the back end of the Calgary Real Estate Boards MLS system for it to be distributed to our website. 

There are a few other things to consider before visiting an open house in Calgary, what you say to the agent, can really hurt and be used against you, remember, the agent sitting in the open house is typically the listing agent, or is directly connected to the sellers in some way, this means that they’ve likely formed a relationship with them, and if you’re visiting an open house without your agent, or spill your guts about how much you love the property, it could come back to haunt you in negotiations, taking away a lot of your bartering power. 

An example of this we’ve seen: One of our clients visited an open house when they first bought a home many years ago, they spoke with the agent about the home in depth, the agent took an interest in them and asked questions, seeming to be very genuine in their interest of our clients situation, during the discussions, our client disclosed that they fell in love with the home, and that they had just received a windfall of money and we’re going to have no problem obtaining financing for the property, and that they were in a big rush as they had ended their lease and needed to move right away. The client at the time wasn’t aware of agency relationships, nor the process of buying a home and when they decided to put an offer in, they used a friend who was licensed, ultimately their initial offer was turned down and the negotiations were tight, the agent quoted and used the situation they discovered about these clients against them for his clients benefit. They learned a valuable lesson that day, and ever since their next purchase when they found our team, they swore to never go to open houses as it had cost them in the past. 

These clients made three big mistakes, they disclosed their financial position, their timing, and their motivations, two of which are directly negotiable in the contract (purchase price and possession date) 

Often the perception for most consumers is that open houses are utilized to sell the home, quite often it’s unlikely that a home sells from being sat at an open house, but most of the time agents will utilize open houses to meet new buyers as lead generation (buyer generation) can be costly and this is a surefire way to meet consumers interested in real estate and the current active market. Next time you visit an open house, ask the listing agent to disclose the sellers motivations for selling, their financial situations, and how low they’re willing to let it go for, you’ll likely find out that they’re in an agency relationship with the seller and unless they have written disclosure from their seller, they should not disclose these details to you for any reason. 

In any case, having a dedicated Calgary real estate agent on your side is going to benefit you greatly as a buyer, you should have no costs from the agent on the buying side and you’ll have an expert ready to navigate the market, contract, and negotiations on your behalf looking out for your best interests. 

Calgary real estate in our opinion requires more transparency in today's market as consumers deserve to have all information about the industry and it's processes readily available from agents, especially top performing teams who come across all sorts of scenarios, including aiding and assisting clients in the process of navigating, understanding, and finding open houses that are available in the local Calgary real estate market. 

Have you had a good or bad experience with an open house in Calgary? We'd love to hear your story, sound off in the comments below and let us know, you could also be featured in one of next upcoming blog series that documents that ups, downs, and extreme tales of real estate! 


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